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It's not all easy

About a second after I've written my last post, tapping myself on the shoulder with joy, and announcing that I'm doing pretty well as a mom, life decided to challenge me. It came in the form of Noam catching some viral disease that has caught my someone & I completely off guard. I'll spare you all the details, and just say that in the first 24 hours of Noam getting sick we've went through multiple times of throwing up, then a really bad case of dehydration, which resulted in all three of us spending several hours at the all-night clinic & Noam getting an IV for 4 hours. After that it took my little man about a week to slowly get back to his normal, hyper, happy self.

He's been sick before that time and after that time too (he just spent most of this past week at home with me cause he was so-so), but in all of those other times he was always "himself". I mean he might have been a bit weaker, a bit less energetic, a bit more tired, but he was still happy, and goofy, and playful. This time it was completely different. He was beat. He had no energy, no appetite, he was miserable, and he spent most of the time lying down on the couch.

This was almost two months ago and I am still a bit shaken by that whole experience. I think it's just about the hardest thing for a parent to watch their child suffering while not being able to do much to help him and make him better. That feeling of helplessness was the worst.

I wish I could say this was the last time he has to go through being so sick, but unfortunately that's life. Kids get sick, sometimes really sick, and we as parents need to gather all of our energy and do everything in our power to support them, love them, help them through it, and be strong for them even when we think we are just about to break.

This was just a little virus that tumbled our world for 10 days and went away. We are lucky. There are so many children (and their parents) battling far worst... I can't imagine (and I hope I never have to know) what that's like...

From my Instagram photos:

getting an IV

no energy and no appetite

all three of us were exhausted

a moment of regained energy...

after a whole week at home...

Finally back to his happy-self

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