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For as long as I can remember I have been a person who shares. Even as a little girl I'd share my adventures, my everyday life stories, my feelings, with anyone who would listen.

Everyone who knows me or has followed me online can see that I am very open. I kept a personal blog in the past, as I'm doing now again, I have a facebook profile that I keep updating with stories & photos of my life, I've shared some of my personal stories on other blogs & e-magazines (such as my sons birth story and my wedding story), and I've always been ok with that. More than ok, I never thought twice about it. Because again, for me, sharing is more like second nature.

My someone, Shay, the man by my side, has never questioned it either. From the moment he entered my life I guess he knew that his life would also be exposed. His family has joked in the past on how before I became part of that family they barely had any pictures online, where as now they are tagged in so many...

When I had my son the only natural thing for me to do was to share him with the world. I wanted to show his pictures and share our first moments as parents with everyone. From daily Instagram photos to monthly photo albums on FB, to personal status updates when he was sick, or had his first tooth come out, I shared every moment.

A casual conversation with a friend about our kids has got me thinking. She was joking and saying she hopes our kids don't grow up hating us for posting all their pictures...

Am I doing something wrong? Should I keep his life private until he's old enough to decide for himeself?

I don't really have an answer for that. I know some of you might think I shouldn't share so much, but for me that's only natural. As a photographer I capture moments so they are exposed and are kept in our visual memory forever, and so hiding those pictures and not sharing them, for me that defets the purpose of photographing something.

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