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Family Tripping

I love the spring! It has always been my favorite time of the year. I've never been a fan of the cold, so Fall & Winter are out, and since we live in Israel, summer is just a bit to the extreme in terms of warmth... so I have my spring :)

Besides all the many reasons I can point out for why spring's so great, the best one is that it's the ultimate time for being outdoors. Everything smells so good, everything looks so colorful and bright, and the air is just crisp & clean.

A couple of weeks ago we went on a family trip, the traditional yearly trip that my someone's family likes to do. His parents like to plan those trips with a lot of hash-hash around them, keeping most of the trip's details a secret till the very end. Being a control-freak that I am, you can imagine how much that drives me crazy, but I've learned to deal with it...

These trips used to be in all difficulty levels, but since both us and my someone's brother have little ones with us, the trips have changed course to a lighter level, more sight-seeing, short trails, without walking in water (that's a HUGE plus for me), basically kid-friendly :)

This year they took us up north to the Upper Galilee area. We were a big bunch with three generations of family members- Grandparents, parents & children. We started off the first day with the usual breakfast in nature that always consists of Jachnun & tomato sauce, assortment of cheese & humus, and some kind of bread or pita. Then, on a very full belly, we headed to Mount Meron for a short walking trail. I carried Noam on my back for part of the trail and then his grandpa took over. At the very end we let him walk on his own and he was over the moon with excitement!

My someone's parents rented a few cabins for the night, and after a good night sleep and hearty breakfast we headed out to the Dan River area, where we hiked a trail that led us through the river. The trail ends at a big pool of (cold) river water. There were kids playing around in the water and we decided to let Noam take a little dip... It was real cold in the water and at first Noam was scared, but he observed the other kids and I guess that gave him courage cause all of a sudden it was like the cold didn't bother him at all. (My someone said his legs were aching because it was so cold...)

We ended our trip with a late lunch/early dinner at Pina Ba'Rosh, a wonderful restaurant in Rosh Pina that over-looks the entire valley. The kids were completely exhausted by then, and well, so were we :)

Here are some photos I took during our trip (Photos of me were taken by my someone)

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