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A little history

I guess I have to start with a little history and background...

Where do I begin?

I'm 36. I've been a photographer for 11 years, since 2003, when I finished my 4 years of photography studying. Back then I lived in Los Angeles. How I got there is a whole other story, and it was too long ago to even get in to it. In any case, I was living in L.A.

I finished my studies with a portfolio of product photography and a very optimistic wish to become the house photographer for Nike or Coca-Cola or companies alike...

Wishes aside, reality had different options for me... As a non-American I wasn't able to work as a freelance photographer. I was frustrated. After months of debating my options (and searching for my American prince charming that will marry me and make me an American too), I've decided to move to Vancouver, Canada. See I was lucky enough to have been born in Canada, and so there I am a legal citizen :)

So in March 2005 I said farewell to L.A. and to United States of America, and crossed the border back home to Canada. (Technically I was coming "back" home, although I've never really lived in Canada since my parents moved us to Israel when I was 4 months old...).

I was sure that now that I am in a country where I can legally work I will find my dream job in no time. And so I started making appointments with different advertising companies. I went on a few interviews, left my portfolio for reviews, but heard nothing back. When the days turned into weeks with no luck of finding work in my field, I started looking for any kind of work as long as it paid. Forget photography, the rent wasn't going to pay itself...

I finally found work! Unfortunately it was far off from photography, and with that my camera bag started collecting dust, and although I photographed private sessions every now and then (mostly pregnancies), this wasn't my job.

In March 2008 I moved back to Israel. With my move back I decided to make a few changes in my life, with my main goal- to get back to being a photographer full time. As with everything in life, things take time, and indeed it took me a while, but eventually I was back where I wanted to be- a working photographer.

Product photography remained that thing I focused on when I was a student, and instead I shifted my work to pregnancy & families as well as weddings & events.

In 2012 I joined forces with my friend, and now partner, Dvora Orbach and we created "Tali & Dvora Photography" specializing in weddings. I've maintained my private business as well and continued to do pregnancy and family sessions.

This blog and website are my home for my private work of lifestyle photography specializing in pregnancy & families.

And that's my story in a nutshell :)

I'll leave you with a few images from my graduating portfolio. (all shot on film with Toyo View 4x5 camera)


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